How much caffeine is in your cup of tea?

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Pick any day on the calendar, and you can be sure that more than 159 million Americans are drinking a cup of tea. That’s not too bad for a beverage that’s been accessible for almost 5,000 years, and comes with so many health benefits. 

Drinking tea is known to reduce the risk of some heart-related conditions, some age-related neurological diseases, and more. Also, just like coffee, there is a type of tea to suit every taste preference. Each tea comes with its own color, strength, caffeine level, and flavor.

One of the popular benefits of tea is that you have more control over how much caffeine you’re drinking. Compared to coffee, there are many more options to choose from based on how much of an energy boost you want or need. 

Does tea have more caffeine than coffee, though? Generally, tea caffeine content is about ⅓ the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Then when you look at the individual types of tea, there is a range of caffeine amounts in each cup.

How much caffeine is in a cup of tea?

After glancing at the chart, you may notice that herbal tea has no caffeine unlike decaffeinated tea- which has around 5 mg of caffeine. That’s because herbal tea is not actually tea, and it's become a great option for people looking specifically for tea without caffeine. Real tea, sometimes referred to as “true tea” comes from the plant Camellia sinesis. They become green, white, and black during their oxidation processes after harvesting. Herbal teas, while brewed in the same way, are made of the dried herbs and ingredients that match their names (Chamomile, Lemon Ginger, etc).

Even though herbal teas may not be considered "true tea," they each come with their own delicious flavor profiles and health benefits. And regardless of whether all tea is actually tea, the variety gives us so much to look forward to when we brew a cup.

Where does your favorite tea stack up when it comes to caffeine? No matter which tea you choose, we’ve got you covered. Shop all your favorite sustainably sourced organic loose leaf teas today!


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