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BLK & Bold x Steeped Partnership

The rebrand has been full of surprises. Some we can discuss immediately, others, we have to hold close to the vest for now. Can’t spill the beans just yet (Editor’s Note: I promise that’s the first and last bad product pun.) As we grow into what we call “an innovation hub of coffee and tea-based beverages”, we look forward to hearing what you think about our first significant step in that direction.

New Product Introduction - No Compromise Single Serve Steeped Coffee Bags

BLK & Bold is excited to introduce our partnership with Steeped Coffee to package our in-house roasted specialty coffees within their award winning product form, steeped coffee packs. We believe this is the modern-day solution to providing compromise-free quality at unmatched convenience. Gone are the days of having to settle for (insert random location) coffee. With 3 simple ingredients 1) cup, 2) steeped coffee pack, 3) water; and 3 simple steps 1) submerge, 2) saturate, and 3) steep, you can enjoy luxury wherever. Imagine if you always had wifi and fully charged Bluetooth earbuds. Those mandatory company dinners would be a lot less boring. Yea, that kind of luxury.

The Way We View the World

Like many of you, we believe where you spend money matters. So much so that BLK & Bold aligns with today’s majority of consumers who expect the companies they frequent to stand for a purpose bigger than just their financials. The money you spend and loyalty that you have to coffee and tea beverages should be reciprocated into bettering your/our communities. While we aren’t the solution, we can create and use our platform to challenge and inspire change in other businesses to bring sustainable social value to the needs of the communities of its consumers.  

This is the reason we commit 5% of our profits to initiatives that help domestic youth-in-need defy unfortunate odds.

Be Nice to Everyone Because You Never Know

The story of how we partnered with the Steeped Coffee team began with a series of incoming 11pm texts…like this blog post. J

It was from a former colleague who was visiting California and ride sharing with someone who worked in the coffee space. As she probed, they told her about the steeped coffee product form and how it was going to impact the way coffee is consumed. At that moment, she knew just who to text. That next morning, the direct intro to the steeped coffee relationship began.  

1 + 1 = 3?

Why yes, we can do math. And still yes, 1 + 1 can = 3, when you have the right vantage point.

Very early, we learned that Steeped Coffee shared many of our values, as evidenced by our Certified B Corp Pending statuses.

B Corps are vetted out and globally certified businesses that uphold the highest standard of being for-profit and for-purpose. “Pending” B Corps are those that are less than the required +1 year in business but are certifiably able validate their commitment to their purpose publicly to their stakeholders. So we are almost there, but not quite. Really close though.

So, as we validate our math, we see two individual B Corp (pending status and all) aspiring businesses building partnership, to grow profit, and furthering our purpose. Get it now? J

(Editor’s Note: Before we move on, congratulations are in order for Steeped Coffee on their full B Corp Certification.)

A Better Way

“In a world where near 90% of single serve coffee is dominated by the non-recyclable, flat quality, necessary machine upkeep for K-Cups….be a steeped coffee pack.” –Pernell; Hashtag gem drop, Hashtag beasteepedcoffeepack

Can’t be specialty coffee roasters and not prioritize maintaining the quality of the coffee you enjoy. So it was easy to consider other options beyond k-cups to ensure the taste you’ve grown accustomed to be uncompromised. Our purpose is to shatter norms; keep us honest to that as we accommodate the most important piece of this equation, you. So while you’re collecting passport stamps, living on-the-go, and staying in hotels with IG-storyable views, we made it easy for you to take us with you. Literally.  

Here are the major keys about BLK & Bold Steeped Coffee:

  1. It just takes 3 simple steps to enjoy quality wherever: submerge, saturate, steep.
  2. The magic is always in the motion. Be sure to agitate the bag during the steeping process to assist with the flavor extraction.
  3. The undefeated champion still is…brew ratio! 8oz of water per bag, but feel free to pivot once you have the guiding direction down.
    1. Not following the 3 simple steps before pivoting to your own preference can lead to that same type of denial between whether a “tech error” vs “user error”, and we’ve all been in the “oops, my bad” side of that once before.

We appreciate you trusting us along this journey. Steeped is a major milestone on our travels to where specialty coffee meets community impact. Stay tuned for a few learned steeped hacks we picked up along the way.

Until next time.


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  • We have received several of these steep bags with our orders. I can’t find where you sell them. Can you please update?

    Michael Grabauskas
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  • I drink green tea but would prefer the bag… do you offer green tea bags ? Thanks


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