BLK & Bold is Now B Corp Certified!


From the beginning, BLK & Bold has been focused on providing high-quality coffees and teas as a means to make purpose popular. We take our clients' and consumers' daily rituals and transform them into accessible ways to engage in social impact. 

With this in mind, we are proud to announce that we are now a fully certified B Corp business! B Corps are businesses that use profits and growth to positively impact employees, communities, and the environment to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. 

B Corp businesses solve challenging problems like inequality and poverty in ways nonprofits and the government aren't able to; creating a healthier environment, stronger communities, and better quality jobs. This certification validates our efforts in supporting our consumers' communities by pledging 5% of our profits to sustain youth programming, enhance workforce development, and eradicate youth homelessness.

We believe that great business stems from investing in our communities. It's reassuring to have the support of B Corp behind us as BLK & Bold looks to grow and expand our impact on such a vulnerable demographic. Our B Corp certification comes on the heels of our recent expansion. Our new 10,000 square foot facility allows us to bring more customers into our community, produce more products, donate more money, and impact the local job market. We are so excited to welcome more people into the coffee and tea industry through the products we love, with purpose in mind.



  • John Dalencourt

    Greetings! Congrats to you and your company! We started our company right at the beginning of the pandemic and have managed to be survive quite well! Part of our proceeds help fund a nonprofit organization call “Teen Court”

    We would like to carry your product in our facility, as well as contribute to your cause. Please let us know where to go from here.

    Thank you,

    John Dalencourt
    CTO, Co-owner
    My Sweets Paradise

  • xmbgulcbdm

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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  • Catherine Dunn

    Thank you for your sending this food contribution to whomever you have heard needs it most. Blessings to you and the children whom we love.

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