Announcing the Launch of the BLK & Bold Foundation: Brewing Change for Our Youth

In an exciting development for social impact and community support, BLK & Bold Specialty Coffee is proud to introduce the BLK & Bold Foundation, our dedicated nonprofit organization committed to uplifting and empowering underserved communities. This significant step forward was announced on February 27, 2024, in Des Moines, IA, marking a new chapter in our journey of making a difference.

Since our inception in June 2018, BLK & Bold has been at the forefront of social entrepreneurship, dedicating 5% of our gross proceeds to our For Our Youth (FOY) initiative. This initiative supports nonprofit organizations nationwide that are committed to aiding children in underserved communities. Today, we are thrilled to elevate our impact through the BLK & Bold Foundation, which will serve as the official philanthropic arm of our company, streamlining our efforts to support and enhance the work of our 14 national pledge partners under the FOY initiative.

A Vision of Empowerment and Development

Co-Founders Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson have always envisioned BLK & Bold as more than just a specialty coffee and tea brand. "Brewing positive change in communities that need it most has been our mission from the start," says Rod Johnson, Co-Founder and Chief Values Officer. The foundation is a testament to our commitment to serve our community, recognizing and supporting the organizations that provide safe havens and opportunities for underserved youth.

Our Mission and Impact

The BLK & Bold Foundation is dedicated to creating sustainable and impactful change, with a goal to positively influence the lives of 72 million children over the next 20 years. We're calling it Project 2045. Our programming will include community development initiatives, educational scholarships, and workforce development programs designed to promote economic mobility and social justice. Through these efforts, we aim to support the future majority-minority equilibrium and ensure that today's youth have the resources they need to thrive.

A Call for Partnership and Support

The Foundation is actively seeking corporate partnerships and philanthropic opportunities to further our mission. "The launch of The BLK & Bold Foundation represents a significant milestone in our mission to create lasting social impact," says Pernell Cezar, Co-Founder and CEO. We are committed to shining a spotlight on the organizations making strides in community support and youth empowerment, and we invite you to join us in this journey.

Get Involved

To learn more about the BLK & Bold Foundation and how you can contribute to making a difference in the lives of underserved youth, please visit our website at Together, we can create a brighter future for our children and communities.

At BLK & Bold, we believe that every cup of coffee not only brings warmth and enjoyment but also holds the potential to make a significant impact on the world. Join us in brewing positive change, one cup at a time.

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