The brew meets the boo!: 5 BLK & Bold bestseller + scary movie pairings

Halloween is easily one of the most fun and creative holidays of the year. The gore and spook that is normally saved for nights at home hits the streets in full force. Pumpkins get carved as the weather cools down, spider webs seem to double, and the Spirit Halloween pop-ups intensify. Not to mention, the festivities are to die for

For those of you that are planning a night in, don’t worry about picking a movie. We got you. At BLK & Bold HQ, we wondered what horror movies would pair best with 5 of our best sellers and the results? Downright terrifying. So, set up your movie, brew your beverage, and have a happy Halloween.

The Brew meets the Boo! 5 BLK & Bold Bestseller + scary movie pairings cover image with a tan background and images of freddy kreuger, marlon wayans, michael myers (the fictional character), ghostface, and the original candyman

Nightmare on Elm Street x Rise & GRND

Our first pick is one of the O.G. Rise & GRND slasher films, Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy Kreuger not only has enough energy to keep you up at night avoiding him, but he also stalks you in your dreams. There’s no way Freddy’s energy is purely fueled by the local townspeople remembering him. It’s Rise & GRND that’s helping him keep up with that busy lifestyle. S
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Scream x Smoove Operator

We’ve got to hand it to Ghostface because he’s been a Smoove Operator since the 90s. Known for his charming conversational skills, some would say that he’s mastered smalltalk. Everyone’s dying to meet a slasher like Ghostface- he likes to talk on the phone, always calls back, and knows more about you than you know about yourself. There’s no doubt that Smoove Operator helps him keep up with all the special details. Shop Smoove Operator on today!

Halloween x Limu, Ethiopia Steeped Coffee

There’s no way we could pair Halloween with anything other than the single origin Limu, Ethiopia Steeped Coffee. These two single origins are made for each other. Just like Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, Halloween is the birthplace of the slasher film as we know it. And if Michael Myers is going to make it back to his home before Halloween is over, he’s gonna need Steeped Coffee because there is no time for rest stops. Shop Limu, Ethiopia Steeped Coffee on today!

Candyman x Peach Loose Leaf Tea

Sweets for my sweet? Candyman’s always at it with the treats, so the naturally sweet Peach loose leaf tea is the perfect pairing. If Candyman’s going to be the writing on the wall and be (seemingly) everywhere at once, he’s definitely going to need the bit of caffeine that the black tea provides for energy. Shop Peach Loose Leaf Black Tea on today!

A Haunted House x Coffee-ish

We couldn’t leave the lighthearted horror fans out of the bunch. For the ones who aren’t really down with the blood and gore but would happily make fun of it, this pairing is just for you. A Haunted House, produced by none other than Marlon Wayans, is horror...ish? Wayans turned horror on its head and packed it full of laughter just like we turned caffeine on its head and packed it full of flavor. If you like a late night horror flick, then brew up a cup of Coffee-ish and enjoy...without losing an ounce of sleep. Shop Coffee-ish on today!

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