Smoove Ice brewing, A New Recipe with Keurig's K-Iced™ Brewer and BLK & Bold

Just in time for summer, Keurig has released their new K-Iced™ Brewer and of course we wanted to try it out. Our BLK & Bold tester was up for the challenge and created a new recipe that she says is refreshing and of course, delicious. Check out her review and the simple recipe, below. 


Can you tell a difference in flavor with this new machine, since it's specifically made for a cold coffee experience? 

Yes! it's a lighter and refreshing experience.  It's starts of hotter to help extract flavor and then cools down fast. 

What was your favorite feature about the machine?

I love that it's small and doesn't take up too much counter space. It can also be portable. This K-Iced™ Brewer will also brew hot coffee so you can accommodate different preferences in your household

Do I have to have a special kind of K- Cup® pod to use this? Where can I get them?

Nope! Just a regular K- Cup® pod. We offer K-Cup® pods in our Smoove Operator & Rise & Grind flavors in Target and Albertsons. 

What's the recipe? How did you come up with it?

I wanted something that would be fun in the summertime where you can still get a little bit of your coffee fix. I came up with a coffee popsicle for some summertime nostalgia. It's easy! You take your popsicle mold and fill it with 3/4  Smoove Operator after running it through the Keurig K-Iced™ Brewer. You fill 1/4 (or however much you like) of Chobani Sweet Cream creamer. Let it chill overnight and voila! A delicious treat. 

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