Mill City Roaster 30kg Available

Nov 1, 2022 - As we are upgrading to a 60kg, we have a Mill City Roaster 30kg machine available for purchase. We would be willing to hold, for a short period of time, with a down payment. 
This machine was installed July 2020. Offering all-in for $65k (shipping not included), which includes all parts in the below link (new machine item page) + custom venting stack for the roof (see below details, appx $10k cost). Has had appx 5.2k batches roasted on it (appx 9 batches per business day). Consistent preventative maintenance schedule (inside team and w/ Mill City Roasters team). 
Custom venting material: Category three, positive pressure, double walled, insulated, stainless eight inch diameter, eight to ten feet length, with five feet above roof.
Official new 30kg machine item page:
Please reach out to or call 515-650-3827
for inquiries.

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