BLK & Bold Blueberry Iced Pour Over

Ready for a new BLK & Bold coffee recipe to try? Try this #BoldBaristaChallenge winning recipe from Josh Dowell! 


  • Chemex + Filter
  • French Press
  • Spoon
  • Mugs
  • Coffee Scale
  • Burr Grinder (Blade Grinder Will Work Too)
  • Kettle Capable of Reaching 200°f


  • BLK & Bold Coffee Beans (Preferably Limu, Ethiopia)
  • Honey
  • Fresh Blueberries
  • Oat Milk Filter
  • Water & Ice


  1. Begin by rinsing a coffee mug in cool water and placing the mug in the freezer.
  2. Gather all your ingredients and equipment in a general area and get ready to use. (Leave you mug in the freezer).
  3. Fill your kettle with 500g of filtered water and heat to 200-205°f.
  4. While the kettle heats grind 30g of coffee beans to a medium grind size. (What is shown in the video)
  5. Now go ahead and rinse your filter with room temperature water. (Be sure to dump excess water)
  6. Now fill your Chemex with 150g of Ice
  7. Once your filter has been rinsed, all your coffee is ground, your water is at 200-205°f, and you have ice in the Chemex... You are ready to brew!


  1. Add your 30g coffee to the Chemex
  2. Zero your scale. (At this point you have Ice in the base and grounds in the filter).
  3. Begin Pouring! Start a timer and slowly pour 60g and let coffee bloom for 45 seconds.
  4. At the 45 second mark slowly add another 140g of water and let sit until 1:30-1:45. ( You will have 200g of coffee at this point).
  5. At 1:30-1:45 add an additional 100g of water, bringing your total weight to 300g.
  6. Set aside until all the water has filtered through. ( Roughly 4 minutes).

Blueberry-Honey Froth

  1. Begin by filling your French Press with a desired amount of Oat Milk (At least a 1/4 of the French Press).
  2. Then add a handful and a half of freshly squeezed blueberries.
  3. Insert the plunger 1/2 down and add a squeeze (about a table spoon) of Honey. ( The honey should rest on top of the plunger).
  4. Rapidly pump the plunger until the Oat Milk doubles in size.
  5. Pour Froth into a separate mug (you will not drink from this mug)


  1. Remove the mug you chilled in the freezer. (It should frost upon contact with the air).
  2. Fill the mug with ice until 3/4 full.
  3. Remove Chemex Filter and pour in desired amount of coffee. (Leave room for the froth).
  4. Gently set your coffee spoon on the surface of the coffee and slowly add froth to the top.
  5. Remove spoon and ENJOY!!

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