2020 BLK & Bold Impact Report: See where you've helped us make an impact!

When BLK &  Bold was founded, one of our main goals was to make purpose popular. We wanted to make something as simple and routine as a morning cup of coffee or tea into something so much more: a way to give back. The best way we could think to accomplish that is the 5% For Our Youth program. So, in the spirit of transparency, we want to share the impact you helped us make in 2020.

There are 15 nonprofit organizations across 10 states that we partner with in the For Our Youth program. Our contributions specifically help amplify efforts around mentorship. Each organization received ~$2,750 each, which amounted to over $42,000 in donations to programs on a local and national level. Our donations helped provide programming for over 25,000 youth participants from California to Washington D.C.  

In addition to the impact we made with the For Our Youth program in 2020, we also made an impact on our local community. Last year, we were able to create 15 jobs paying 75% of our employees over $15 per hour.

As a result of our efforts, BLK & Bold officially became a certified B Corporation and Minority Business Enterprise. To say that we couldn’t have done this without all of our customers’ support is an understatement. So, sincerely, we appreciate every purchase, every connection on social media, and every share of our business’ mission. We’re looking forward to the impact we will make in 2021.

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