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Steeped Coffee: Rise & GRND, Medium Roast
Steeped Coffee: Rise & GRND, Medium Roast
Steeped Coffee: Rise & GRND, Medium Roast

Steeped Coffee: Rise & GRND, Medium Roast

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BLK & Bold’s single serve Steeped Coffee packs will make sure your coffee experience complements your busy lifestyle compromise-free. Freshly ground, then nitro-filled to maintain maximum freshness and flavor profile, you can enjoy the fresh micro-roasted specialty coffee experience that you deserve. Some enjoy its convenience when time-strapped, when traveling, while enjoying the outdoors, or to reduce waste (compostable packaging).


3 Simple Steps
• Submerge: Place filter in cup and gradually pour over 8oz hot water per Steeped Bag.
• Saturate: Dunk the bag for 15 seconds or longer for added strength.
• Steep: Leave Steeped Bag in cup for 5 minutes or until preferred taste. Enjoy!

Specialty Coffee Details
Blend: Rise & GRND
Roast: Medium
Flavor Profile: Tart Citric Acidity, Sweet, Creamy, Toffee, Nutty, Lemon
Altitude: 1,850 Meters
Processing Method: Washed
Features: 100% Fair Trade

Additional Details:
• 5% of all profits will be contributed to initiatives that support improving the lives and future for domestic urban youth. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

My husband loves to drink instant coffee while camping, and this is such a luxurious instant coffee alternative. I'm not a coffee drinker, but he gives the medium roast two thumbs up!

My favorite blend

Rise and Grind is my favorite blend. Yes I have it in whole bean too, but when I don’t want to make a pot and risk wasting it, the steep bags are perfect. I can enjoy one cup. It’s also perfect for travel. Bonus, I throw the leftover grounds in my garden. Great product


Steeped Coffee: Rise & GRND, Medium Roast

Love this coffee!

It’s very tasty. Not bitter at all. The flavor is very mellow and smooth. It has the freshest flavor in a coffee bag that I have ever tasted. I love it.

I Love It!

The Rise & GRND coffee is incredibly tasty! However, some would not consider this to be a true/accurate assessment, as I almost always add some kind of creamer to my coffee. For me, it enhances the flavor. Others probably will not agree, especially those who prefer their coffee black.

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