Rwanda, Gishamwana Island - Single Origin Coffee

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Gishamwana Island is a secluded coffee island with over 35,000 coffee trees planted within its biodiverse environment. The coffee is grown amongst forestry with shade levels well beyond the common African coffee. Gourmet roasted in small batches to bring out optimum flavors in each bean.
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• Yields 17 standard cups per 8oz bag. Approximately $0.59 cost per cup!
5% of all profits will be contributed to initiatives that support improving the lives and future for domestic urban youth.
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Roast: Light
Flavor Profile: Tart Citric Acidity, Sweet, Creamy, Grapefruit, Caramel, Cane Sugar, Lemon, Lime & Cocoa
Altitude: 1,500-1,600 meters
Processed: Washed

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