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Moroccan Mint Tea
Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan Mint Tea

Seeking mint and aromatic bliss? Our organic Moroccan Mint green is for you. Served hot or iced, you will marvel at just how flavorful a small glass will be – often its traditional serving size at ceremonious occasions. Sweeten to taste. 

Additional Details
• Hot tea - Yields 43 standard cups per 3oz bag. Approximately $0.28 cost per cup!
• Iced tea - Yields 21 standard cups per 3oz bag. Approximately $0.56 cost per cup!
• 5% of all profits will be contributed to initiatives that support improving the lives and future for domestic urban youth.

Product Details
Flavor Profile: Crisp, peppermint
Common Benefits: Soothes upset stomach, improves digestion, treats bad breath, reduces fever
Features: 100% Organic, Loose-leaf

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