LIMITED TIME: Coffee Care Package + Personalized Letter

interested in becoming a wholesale partner?


As a wholesale partner, in addition to serving our premium coffees and teas and receiving personalized customer service, you are also making a positive impact to your local communities. We contribute 5% of our profits generated from our wholesale partners and contribute it directly back to their communities, focusing particularly on the betterment of under-serviced youth.

It's our collaborative way of localizing meaningful contribution to the ones who need it most.

Whether you’re a seasoned shop or working on opening a new coffee shop, we’re here for you. We offer consulting and advise on product offerings, equipment, layouts, and marketing. 

As your micro-coffee roaster, not only are we instrumental to your customer’s beverage experience, but we are also very instrumental in helping to convey your shop’s story via the sourcing of origins and villages that your coffee and tea is sourced from. Your success is our success, and we place a lot of value in seeing you win.

Daily rituals are hard to separate from and delightful surprises are hard to forget. That’s why we believe serving your guests with an impressive offering of coffee and tea is a true point of difference for your property. Whether you’re a boutique hotel, AirBnb, or a classic Bed & Breakfast, we focus on creating a custom coffee and tea experience to exceed your guest’s expectations.