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Gift for wife

She loves them! Great taste

Delish A++

Got a rec to try this cold brew and it is delish! Love the flavor - rich chocolatey notes. Unsweetened but doesn’t need it because the flavor is so delish and bold. Also love that I can take it on the go. Ordering my next pack!

Rise & GRND - Medium Roast Blend

Cold Brew

The Cold Brew is just as good as the regular Brew! I Love It!!

My wife loves it

My wife just loves the Darjeeling Loose Leaf Black Tea! We just purchased two bags recently and she has nearly finished them off already. We also love that you are a black-owned business and you support youth in the community. Thanks.

Simply delicious

A smooth way to cold brew. Flavorful and potent. Highly recommend


My husband and I really enjoyed this tea hot & iced! The flavor is great, very robust. I love lemons and the balance of Lemon & Lemongrass is very good for this tea.

Please keep this forever!

This cold brew makes everything easier. It’s quick for a grab and go. It’s refreshing during the hot weather. It’s ready to drink when I’ve run out of mugs haha. The biggest thing is that it’s fair trade! I cut out Starbucks because the bulk of their coffees aren’t fair trade certified. But nowadays a grande iced coffee (not even a cold brew - let alone nitro) is $3.95! Now these cold brew cans might have slightly less coffee (when you factor in ice), but it is actually cheaper and fair trade! Please make more flavors and please, please, please make these available to buy in stores like Target!

A nice dark roast

In general I don't love dark roasts. In my previous experience working for multiple coffee shops, they tend to just be a bit lackluster when it comes to flavor profile and I get tired of drinking them quickly. But the Smoove Operator is a dark roast, that doesn't just taste dark and roasty. You can actually pick up the more subtle flavors, and enjoy the entire cup. It's also great if you want to drink your coffee with a little more milk or sugar because its flavor stands up to whatever you add to it.

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Alright guys, this one blows it off the map! THIS is what coffee is SUPPOSED TO taste like! Never had a finer tasting cup in my life. Keep on rocking!!!

Wasn’t for me

I’m usually one to drink any coffee with out complaints but this blend wasn't my taste. Tasted burnt and bitter. I’m not sure if I just got a bad batch since I enjoyed the other blends I ordered, but I couldn’t finish the Rise and GRND


I love the quality of the sweatshirt. Also, a cool design..

Rising Sun Again

This coffee was even flavored and was a medium blend with a smooth after taste.
Excellent, I'll buy it again. My wife loves this coffee.

Coffee smells good

You have to use a large amount of coffee to make a good pot it's very thin, I love all the teas.

Full bodied and delicious


I like the blend, its a little lighter than I expected. But good!


I’m so glad to have stumbled across this brand. BLK and Bold’s blends are spot on and in my best description - consistent (which means a lot in this day and age). Prices are fair, discounts and special offers are frequent, shipping is expeditious, and the coffee is delightful. You won’t be disappointed.

Bold roast. Hint of bell peppers

It seems mild to us. I have two more to try. You didn't suggest how much to use per cup first I tried 1T per cup. Increased it this morning

Thank you

Thank you so much

Easy on the Stomach

Since having Covid I have been unable to drink coffee. I have tried different kinds and thank goodness my husband drinks it because we had quite the stash. I switched to tea and have tolerated it fine. I have a craving for coffee that tea cannot tame so I got this Limu, Ethiopia, single origin light roast. So far so good and the taste is wonderful.

Love it!

Smoove Operator!

Every morning when I go to make a cup, I’m Sade in my kitchen singing “Your a smooth operator” 🎶 🖤🎶

Great Tea

The tea is very smooth and tasty . I enjoyed it

Very delightful cup of coffee.

Our household (hubby and myself) are daily coffee drinkers. We totally enjoyed the taste and aroma of this newly discovered brand.

Peach Loose Leaf Black Tea
Stacia Moorehouse
Not bad

Not as peachy or as malty as expected-both bad and good