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Moroccan Mint Loose Leaf Green  Tea
Moroccan Mint Loose Leaf Green  Tea
Moroccan Mint Loose Leaf Green  Tea

Moroccan Mint Loose Leaf Green Tea

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100% Loose Leaf
Flavor profile: crisp, peppermint
Health benefits: soothes upset stomach, improves digestion, treats bad breath, reduces fever

Take your tastebuds on a zen trip with a cup of Moroccan Mint Loose Leaf Tea. Flavorful and sharp, mint calms the senses and soothes a number of ailments.

Try our brew recipe:
1. Pour 8 oz of 160-180° F of water over 2 tsp. of loose leaf tea.
2. Steep 1-3 minutes.
3. Enjoy as is or sweeten with honey or sugar to taste.

Thinking of subscribing? This 3 oz bag yields approximately 43 standard cups of hot tea at a $0.28 cost per cup OR approximately 21 standard cups of iced tea at a $0.56 cost per cup! And don’t forget that shipping is only $1 on recurring subscription orders.

5% of all BLK & Bold profits are contributed to initiatives that support improving the lives and futures of traditionally underserved youth.

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Customer Reviews

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Green Tea Lover
Moroccan ain’t Jasmine

I tried the Jasmine Green Tea and was in LOVE, so I decided to try the Moroccan Mint green tea hoping for the same level of intensity. While the flavor was nice, it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. Takeaway, order the Jasmine Green Tea!!!!

Love the balance

The amount of mint in this tea is perfect. Enough for a little bit of invigorating flavor, but subtle enough that it does come off as very minty.

Abby Brustad
Delicious :)

I love this tea! I’ve had it as iced tea multiple times now and it’s very refreshing.

great taste, needs a LOT of tea

This tea tastes fantastic, but you need a lot of tea leaves to get it strong enough. Don't try using an infuser; the leaves will get overcrowded and the flavor won't seep into the water. Instead pour boiling water over the loose leaves, then strain after seeping. Use a very large cup or small tea pot even to make one cup because the leaves expand like crazy.

Briyonah McClain
Bold flavor!!!

I love this mint tea. It’s a powerful flavor and can be steeped twice IMO. It tastes even better over ice.

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