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Steeped Coffee: Rise & GRND, Medium Roast
Steeped Coffee: Rise & GRND, Medium Roast
Steeped Coffee: Rise & GRND, Medium Roast

Steeped Coffee: Rise & GRND, Medium Roast

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Need your BLK & Bold on-the-go? Steeped Coffee bags are the perfect complement to a busy lifestyle. Get the taste of your BLK & Bold favorites, freshly ground, then nitro-filled to give you a cup of coffee with maximum freshness and flavor no matter where you are. All you need to do is add hot water! You’ll never have to skip out on the specialty coffee experience again.

Enjoy Steeped Coffee in 3 easy steps:

  1. Submerge: Place filter in cup and gradually pour 8oz of hot water per Steeped Bag.
  2. Saturate: Dunk the bag for 15 seconds or longer for added strength.
  3. Steep: Leave Steeped Coffee bag in your cup for 5 minutes or until you reach your preferred taste and enjoy!

This BLK & Bold coffee is 100% Certified Fair Trade.

Thinking of subscribing? Each Steeped Coffee filter brews 1- 8 oz cup of coffee, and shipping is only $1 for recurring subscription orders.

5% of all BLK & Bold profits are contributed to initiatives that support improving the lives and futures of traditionally underserved youth. 

All orders from the BLK & Bold website ship in 3-5 business days.

  • Medium roast blend
  • Flavor profile: Sweet, creamy, toffee, nutty, lemon
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1,850 meters

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Mel P.
Better Than Expected

My initial reason for purchasing was for a friend’s mother who is of age and wanted to provide her a coffee she can make with ease that is NOT instant. I was skeptical of the method of making coffee in the same fashion as tea, using bags. Though to my surprise the taste ☕️ was pretty good. I thought it was going to taste more like an instant coffee…totally wrong. It may not have the same taste as fresh ground coffee using a French Press, it is doable…and my friend’s mother liked it as well. Job well done 👍🏾

Smooth & Tasty

Perfect for me as I do not have a coffee maker. It's delicious, flavorful. The blend is awesome. Way better than the instant I was drinking. My order came quickly and the price was right.

Alyxis Flaggs

Love it!

Rebecca Flanigan
Coffee is good.

I realized I need a way stronger coffee.

The packaging is great for someone like me who doesn’t brew bait needs instant coffee. I tried this over the VIA from Starbucks and realized it is not nearly as strong. So I tried two bags and still didn’t do it for me and I let them sit for a long time. I am going to wait for something else.

I work in the grocery business and love this company but am going to wait for another product.

Renee Gill

Taste is better than store brand of similar products. Easy method to have coffee. Love them!

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