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#STEEPEDhacks: Hump Day

Steeped Coffee IS a hack when you think about it. It eliminates barriers that otherwise exist in spaces where having a decent cup of coffee would be ideal. In the hotel room, at the *mandatory* PTA conference, visiting in-laws for the holidays. Hearken (yep, hearken) back to every instance where you were forced to unwillingly compromise on time or quality or both. Waiting for a trash cup of coffee? Say it with me: “Ain’t nobody got time fa’dat.” Now, you don’t have to concede on any preference because we don’t like unnecessary inconvenience either.

Birthed from that was the notion to share how the luxury of BLK & Bold Steeped Coffee (BBS) has allowed us to hack some of life’s obstacles (travel days, Mondays, holidays, Hump Days) in what we call “Steeped Hacks.” I know, creative. But check it out, cleverness or lack thereof, imagine what you will accomplish with all that time you’ll get back with BBS & Steeped Hacks.

First up, Hump Days.

*sigh* this topic has been discussed ad nauseam, but like the Fast & Furious franchise, today’s iteration will be just *a little* different. I’m willing to debate that the middle of the week is far more deplorable than Monday, the more popular opinion. This entire time you’ve been preparing to tackle the wrong day and by the time Hump Day hits, it stings that much more because you weren’t looking. Wednesdays are the punishment for those two eating fruit from the Forbidden Tree back in the day. Wednesdays are like getting your driver’s license but the family car is a green minivan reminiscent of the Mystery Machine. Wednesday is also the worst because:

  1. For those with traditional working hours, there’s no point in taking it off. At least taking off Monday extends the weekend.
  2. That said, everyone is usually at work on Wednesday. Including Karen in accounting, that eats tuna for lunch, sits across from you, and starts most of her sentences with H and W words.
  3. Holidays that fall on Wednesday are just…damn, I really have to go BACK to work?
  4. Speaking of holidays, there are at least 3 American federal ones that always are on Mondays (Labor Day, Memorial Day, and of course, Dr. Martin Luther King Day); therefore, you, by law, work fewer Mondays than other days.
  5. It’s pronounced \wenz-dei\ (insert stale face). Come on fam.

So yes, you (and we) need some tips to make it over the hump. Too much is at stake. Friday is depending on you.

The #1 hack for Hump Day is to make sure you, wait for it, plan for Hump Day because it’s coming. It’s coming like your in-laws for the holidays (It’s apparent I’m really not looking forward to the holidays). One of Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power is to “plan all the way to the end” and if you are to have power over your week, over Hump Day, plan for it. Make to-do lists. Lists of what you’ll wear, eat, finish. Place your clothes out the night before like an eager 4th grader. Use apps/companies like Yelp, Grubhub, and EatOkra to list where you’ll grab lunch. Lists help organize and reduce clutter, ease the mind. Some would consider it meditative.

Meditation. Hack number two. There’s increasingly growing interest on this matter nationally and for good reason. The more present you are, the more intentional you likely will be. Lack of intention makes Hump Day feel overwhelming as inevitable stressors (lethargy, disinterest, anxiety) seem to be waiting for the middle of the week to join the parade. Trust, we aren’t yogis or Buddhist Monks; fortunately, you don’t have to be either to reset and re-center. Being able to tap into meditative practices can make a noticeable difference in how you handle circumstance. Apps like Headspace are highly recommended. (Editor’s Note: Right before you begin your daily session, start warming your water so it’s hot by the time you’ve finished. That way you can grab your BBS and keep it moving.)

Create a Hump Day playlist. Whether you use it in the A.M. during rush hour traffic or just after lunch for a much-needed midday boost, some dope records could change your whole mood – making Hump Day slightly more bearable. In constant rotation right now is everything by Travis Scott, H.E.R., and Snoh Aalegra (Woah, in particular). Don’t limit it to just music though. With so many podcasts, find one that motivates you like you need it. A few we listen to are:

  • Quote of the Day – Sean Croxton
  • Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations
  • Revisionist History – Malcolm Gladwell
  • 20 Minutes with Bronwyn – Bronwyn Saglimbeni
  • The Gary Vee Experience – Gary Vee

And lastly, schedule all of your easiest things to do on Wednesday, if possible. Of course, save some for Friday because the weekend, duh. However, you deserve to recharge midweek by taking on a lighter load.

If none of this works, at least your coffee represents what your day could have been. J  Check in next time for more Steeped Hacks. In the meantime, get your BLK & Bold Steeped Coffee in preparation for next week.

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